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Hi..! This is Maruko..^^
This journal is semi friend lock. Not to be mean, but I just don't want people feel disturbed by my random locked post. Most of the post are fanart (wallpaper, icon, mobile phone theme), and they are of course Arashi-centric.


banner scan credit to: yuckie_chan
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If you really want to be added please comment in this post. I would love to add you back..^^ If you would like to be added, it means you know the consequences that you will find my random post in your friends page..XD All Arashi fans are welcome..^^

Hisashiburi! Hello Fandom..?

Hello fandom, hello LJ..? It’s almost been a year since my last LJ entry. Are there my LJ friends who’s still Arashi’s fan? During my hiatus, I didn’t read my friends page. Maybe some of you think “Who’s this?” when you see this entry in your friends page. Many things happened during my hiatus. Well, I was not completely in hiatus. I still download every Arashi’s variety show, though I haven’t watched all episodes. Yes, I’m still Arashi’s fan, still listen to their song, still in love with Sakurai Sho.

I was busy with my undergraduate thesis. Now I’ve graduated from university! Yay! The graduation ceremony was held about two weeks ago. Receiving so many flower buckets, I’m thankful to have my best friend attended the ceremony..^^

I was lucky enough to graduate on time. For a person whose brain works properly only at a crucial time like me, I was so lucky. Undergraduate thesis is different from the common assignment. No exact deadline, what determine how long a student finishes the thesis is motivation, and I lacked of motivation. Fortunately, watching some of my friends graduated on May pissed me enough and somehow created a BIG motivation which enabled me to finish 2 chapters in a month!

Now that I have graduated. That confirmed now I’m currently a NEET :D Even worse from Nino (Seiji) in Freeter, Ie wo Kau. Luckily I still have nice parents who still give me allowance. Well, actually I would like to seek for a proper job, but my parents insist that I should continue to study. Until I obtain master degree I’m not allowed to have a proper job nor married (it’s not that I have boyfriend anyway*giigle*). I basically do NOTHING everyday. Other than studying for IELTS preparation, I’m just playing around and watching anime.

I miss my fangirling period back then in 2009. There are still lots of my Arashi flail buddies around either in LJ or real life. So many magazine scans and I made lots of icons and wallpapers that time. Now that some magazine do not feature Arashi anymore. WTH. I’m completely lack of sources now, because Wink Up and Duet photos hoots are my favourite. Hmmm.. maybe I should try making wallpapers and icons again..^^

Arashi Wallpaper

To celebrate Arashi 11th Anniversary, I share wallpapers..^^ Although I made this few months ago.

Ohno: 1
Aiba: 1
Nino: 1
Jun: 1
Sho: 1

Available size: 1280x960, 1440x900, 1280x800


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Do not repost! Do not claim as yours!

Comments are love..^^

Happy 11th Anniversary Arashi..^^ Thanks for the great fandom and great friends.. We'll continue to support you always..!
I'm proud to be Arashi fan ♥

My Eid

Eid Mubarak for everyone who celebrate..^^ It’s a bit late, but at least it’s still Syawal ne..?
How’s your Eid minna..? Gain weight already..? Though I promised I wouldn’t eat too much, but the food was so irresistible..XD


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I don’t even have courage to check my current weight..^^ Now I begin to do my daily exercise frequently. After 2 months without exercise due to the social work and fasting my body feels stiff and my arms is not firm anymore.
I hope you have a nice Eid and delicious dishes. Make sure you eat properly..XD

Kaibutsu-kun & Domyouji Tsukasa

Inspired by sho_domy statement in her tweet.

Aren't they similar..?



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I never watch Kaibutsu-kun anime, so I didn't really know the story and the character of Kaibutsu-kun. I imagined Kaibutsu-kun like other Fujiko Fujio anime character like Doraemon or P-man. I thought that Kaibutsu-kun is kind and super-hero-like.

After sho_domy stated that Kaibutsu-kun is the monster version of Domyouji, I immediately watched it and found them very look-like..XD They're both prince, cocky, and do anything as they please.

What do you think..?
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Screening Report: Nobar 5x10 Anniversary Concert Tour in Jogja

This is report from screening of Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Concert Tour Attack It! In Jogja that was held in April 17 2010. I think the studio’s staff annoyed by our crazy scream..XD This is the first time I managed a screening, of course with the help of sho_domy and zukkoke_iero.

This entry is mixed of English and Bahasa Indonesia.


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Sho-chan cute

Meme (Song Meme)

I was tagged by bokunosubete. I'm currently running away from my responsibility for a while, then I decided to make this meme..^^

1. Put your iPod / mp3 in shuffle.
2. Talk about the first 25 songs that comes up. You can skip instrumentals.
3. Tag 10 people.
4.Discuss about the song during the duration of the song.Don't stop till the song is over,and stop when the song ends.

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I try to challenge my self to make this meme.. It takes long time, but fun..^^ I got bored on halfway, that's why the discussion became shorter.

I did put Kanjani8 song in my playlist, but it didn't appear in the first 25 song..LOL..

I tag zukkoke_iero, sho_domy, rawr2buny, ohnayser, tiena90, bunnyrapper, ichaa, masakichi, chakko89, yamapi_to_yuya

I didn't update my journal for a month. I just got back from Malaysia for student exchange last week. I didn't get proper access for internet there. I just relied on the internet connection in my cellphone. It's quite expensive, but I have no choice, because I would suffer if there is no internet connection at all. It was fun, but I missed my home and my friends so much.. Of course I missed my internet connection. I didn't download any video there. I didn't bring much of my video there. Thanks to ohnayser who gave me lots of Arashi video so that I don't feel so lonely.
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Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge Episode 1 Review

For a dorama that is adopted from manga and anime, I think lots of people are really looking forward for the dorama. I bet lots of girls are waiting for the dorama version of this manga, since Yamato Nadeshiko Shichi Henge has lots of ikemen..XD


I put the review under the cut. For people who realy think that this dorama is so awesome and don't want to hear my opinion, don't read it. This review may contain biased opinion.

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Happy 28th Birthday Sakurai Sho

Happy birthday to our cute caster..^^ I know it's late, but at least it's still 25th January..XD


Anybody participate in #perfectbody Twitter operation..? I'm so happy #perfectbody could reach no. 3 in trending topics and could last for more than 8 hours in trending topics..^^
During the spamming, I was on the train.. My finger ached, because of too much tweeting using cellphone. Glad that there was cellphone signal even in the very rural area where everywhere is rice field. I didn't really expect much, since #tsuribaka and #miracleboy operation only reached no. 7 in trending topics and lasted for only 3 hours.. However that's because we couldn't beat Thanksgiving and Christmas.

We can prove that Arashian is big..! This is our birthday present for Sho-chan..^^ Does he even know that there is a thing called Twitter..? Thanks for the hard work girls..!

Let's continue supporting and loving our cute stupid caster..^o^
Sho-chan Nerd

New Header & Layout

Happy new year..! I know it's late, but at least it's still January. Because it's new year, I decided to change my header & layout to create fresh look..^^ My previous header & layout was black. Now the header is a bit pinkish, I hope it will bring a cheerful environment for me and also people who view my LJ.


Scan credit to: SNG
Layout code credit to: estiloamor

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By the way, happy birthday to ichaa


Wish you all the best..^^ Now that you're 20.. Welcome to adulthood..^o^